How much does a residential garage door cost?

How much does a residential garage door cost?


Garaga offers many installed garage doors
for less than $1000
but be aware that several components
influence the purchase price.

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The factors that have an impact on the price of the door you plan to buy can be divided into 2 categories.

1- The construction

Size of the door

The larger your door is, the more expensive it will be. But the rule “twice as large = twice the cost” isn’t necessarily true, since when a door is very wide, reinforcements must be added
for strength.

Learn more about the garage door sizes.


Factors such as the quality of the rollers for a long-lasting and quieter system, the guaranteed number of spring cycles (door openings & closings ), the number of reinforcement struts on the door, and the system configuration (e.g. based on available headroom) influence the cost of buying a door. Often, an investment of less than $150 will gets you the best system available.


The purchase of an insulated door should be considered an investment as it helps save energy. Door prices vary based on insulation value, which, in addition to the level of polyurethane or polystyrene insulation, can depend on the effectiveness of the weatherstripping system. The best quality weatherstripping from Garaga usually costs less than $75, a worthwhile investment that pays off in the winter.

Steel or aluminum

Steel with a woodgrain finish is the most commonly used material in the construction of a door. Compared to aluminum, steel is about 10% less expensive. However, if you buy a smooth steel door, made up of thicker and heavier sheet metal, expect to pay about 50% more than a regular steel door with a woodgrain finish.

2- The look


If you choose a model with PVC overlays, keep in mind that these usually double the price of a door. Also, if you opt for an embossed carriage house style, the cost may increase about 15%.


Garaga offers both standard colours and Premium colours, the latter entailing a small extra charge of about $70 to $150 for a 9’x7’ door. If the colour you’ve chosen is not among the choices offered, many dealers offer the service of repainting your door for a extracharge over the initial price, calculated per square foot of the door.


Besides bringing light into your garage, adding windows to your door greatly enhances the look of a door. This addition may increase the purchase price from 25% to 50%, depending not only on the quantity of windows in the door, but also their insulation value and how they are manufactured.

Garage door openers

many installed garage door openers for less than $500

Compared to models available in big-box stores, door openers sold by professionals are quieter, safer, and longer-lasting. Their price, including installation, ranges from $350 to $500. Adding optional accessories, such as a remote control or an Internet gateway control system, can cost $30 to $60 more.



The performance and durability of a garage door depends as much on the quality of the installation as on the product itself. This is why Garaga recommends you work with a professional dealer to ensure your peace of mind and a safe installation



Working with a professional installer during renovations allows you to have a good idea of the expenses incurred related to changing a garage door, such as dismantling and getting rid of the existing door, rebuilding the doorframe, covering the frame with aluminum sheeting, etc.

In conclusion

Whether you are looking to compare the options or to set your budget, many elements have to be considered. For this reason, we always recommend asking for a free quote of your project. This remains the most effective way for you to know the exact price of your future purchase.


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